ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS: MSJA C/B/A+ Fremont Meet, June 1 & 2

Calling all Guppies!  (Minnows and Sharks, you’re welcome too, but you should consider this one optional–especially if you will be attending the LC meets right before and after it.).
June 1-2  Short-course C/B/A+ Meet in Fremont. This meet will close quickly.  DON’T DELAY – ENTER NOW!  Here’s the link:
 “No Time” entries will be accepted.  If you haven’t done the event before, enter “NT”.
8+u’s: Enter all events EXCEPT–
          100 IM Just Minnows.
          100 Fr Just Minnows, plus Emilia, Matthew, Noah, Annika, Emily,
                    Olivia, Makena, Imogene.
          50 Br Just Piper, Audrey, Matthew, Annika, Makena, Noah, Adi,
                   Imogene, Hanna, Theo, Jet.
10+u’s: Enter all events EXCEPT–
            200 Fr Just Sharks, plus Samuel, Hannah, Haley, Ethan, Stephen,
                      Audrey C.
            100 Fl Just Sharks.
11-12’s: Enter all events EXCEPT–
              100 Fl Just Sharks.
QUESTIONS?  Call Bill: 540-8867.  Enter right away!
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