Arrival Instructions: Firecracker Meet July 5-7

We are fast approaching our annual travel meet to San Luis Obispo, which starts on Friday.    We just got word that the sessions will be combined, which is outlined on page 4 of the meet sheet.  What this really means is events across all age groups and Masters will be combined, rather than held in separate morning & afternoon sessions.

Arrival instructions are as follows:

Friday (7/5):  All swimmers should arrive before noon to check-in.  Warm-ups begin at Noon.  Meet starts at 1:00pm

Saturday & Sunday (7/6 & 7/7):  All swimmers should arrive before 8:30 for check-in.  Warm-ups begin at 8:30am.  Meet starts at 9:30am.

Pool location:  San Luis Obispo Swim Center, 900 Southwood Dr., San Luis Obispo.


Note about awards:  This meet is outside the Pacific Swimming LCS.  This means that you will see different time standards posted than what you traditionally see in PC – C, B, A, JO, FW, PRT.  Motivational time standards used and awards given will be in Red, White & Blue divisions.  Much like our Pentathlon this year, they have a King & Queen of the Pool award for age brackets 5-8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15-18.  King & Queen trophies will be given to the Male (King) and Female (Queen) swimmer with the lowest combined time for ALL 5 designated events –  50 of each stroke (Fly, Back, Breast & Free) & 200 IM.

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I'm a surfer dad, learning to surf while my son gets better faster than I can. We live in Northern California and like to write about what I do.
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