Entry Instructions: Nov 2/3 Hills/EBSD C/B/A+ meet!

Entries for the Hills Hurricanes/East Bay Dolphins swim meet on November 2-3 will be accepted starting at midnight TONIGHT!  It is a dual venue meet and we will find out whether we will swim in Hayward or Hercules later in October.  As some of you have come to find, the fall season swim meets are filling up quite fast, so don’t delay in entering your swimmer if you choose to attend this meet!  You can use this link:  https://ome.swimconnection.com/meets/1136

 Here are the entry instructions from Bill:

 SHARKS  The general rule is, enter 4 per day.  However, don’t enter 200 Fly, and enter 500 Fr only if you’ve done it before in <7:41OR you’ve done 200 Fr in <2:45.  If this will be your first 500, enter at 7:40.00.  (NOTE: The girls do their 500 on Sat., boys on Sun.)  (NOTE: The 11-12 100 Fly is not being offered at any meets in October.  Take this opportunity to do it!)

 MINNOWS  8+u’s, enter all events.  Others, enter all 50’s and 100’s except 100 Fly.
GUPPIES  Enter all 25’s and 50’s.  If you haven’t done one or either of the 50’s before, double your 25 time for that stroke, then ADD 10 sec.  You may also enter one or both of the 100’s if you’ve done them before, or if you’ve done 50 yd races several times and want to try the bigger swim.  Use these entry times if you have none:  100 IM(2:20)  100 Fr(2:00).
EVERYONE–Get up early Saturday morning and enter, then go back to bed. . .Or come to practice if you’re a Minnow (9:00 am) or a Shark (7:45)!
 As usual for Zone 2 meets, “No Time” entries will not be accepted, so if you need additional assistance determining what time to enter, please call Bill – 540-8867.

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I'm a surfer dad, learning to surf while my son gets better faster than I can. We live in Northern California and like to write about what I do.
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