Arrival Instructions: Oct 5-6 Orinda meet

Here are Bill’s arrival instructions for the swim meet this coming weekend at Campolindo High School (  These instructions are for both Saturday and Sunday:

 Minnows & Sharks:  Please arrive by 8:00.  If you are not entered in the 1st event of the day for your age group (for Saturday that would be 11-12 200 Breast, 9-10 100 IM; for Sunday that would be 11-12 200 IM, 9-10 200 Free), please arrive by 9:00.

 Guppies:  Please arrive by 8:30.

 Please note that due to the large number of swimmers at the meet and the need to keep the deck clear of congestion, no tents or canopies are allowed inside the swimming pool complex.  Nor are the stands to be used as a permanent location during the meet but rather as a viewing area for all participants to watch and cheer on their swimmers. There is a team area designated for set up of canopies and chairs located on the softball field directly adjacent to the pool complex.  This is where our Montclair canopy will be set up.

The main parking lot is located on Campolindo Dr.  However, there is a drop off area accessible from Moraga Rd.  It is located near the team area and can be used to quickly unload passengers and belongings.

See you all at the meet!  Go Montclair!

About EVK4

I'm a surfer dad, learning to surf while my son gets better faster than I can. We live in Northern California and like to write about what I do.
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