ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS – June 28-29 meet in Sunnyvale

ENTER RIGHT AWAY!  This meet will fill up fast!
You may enter 3 events per day.  Don’t enter any events labeled “OPEN”; those are in an afternoon session that Montclair won’t attend.  We’re in “Session A,” where all events are labeled “11-12” or “10&U.”
Remember, this is a long-course meet. Use entry times that you swam recently in Woodland, or in April at Concord.  If you don’t have an actual long-course time for the event, then adjust your short-course time by adding the following:
  • For 50’s of Free and Back: Sharks add 5 sec, Minnows add 6 sec.
  • For 50’s of Fly and Breast:  Sharks add 6 sec, Minnows add 7 sec.
  • For 100’s of Free and Back:  Sharks add 11 sec, Minnows add 13 sec.
  • For 100’s of Fly and Breast:  Sharks add 14 sec, Minnows add 16 sec.
  • For 200 Free, add 25 sec.
  • For 200 IM, add 30 sec.
MINNOWS: Choose from among the 50’s and 100’s, but not 100 Fly.  Include 100 Breast only if you have achieved at least a ‘B’ time before in a breaststroke event.
SHARKS:  Enter 3 per day.  On Saturday, include a 200 or the 100 Fly.  On Sunday, your choices should add up to at least 250 meters!
Questions?  Cal Bill:  540-8867

About EVK4

I'm a surfer dad, learning to surf while my son gets better faster than I can. We live in Northern California and like to write about what I do.
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