Fall Meet Schedule


9/17-18 ** C/B/A+ Hercules SAT: Minnow + Sharks

SUN: Guppies

9/24-25 * C/B/A+ St. Helena SAT: Sharks only

SUN: Whole team

10/1-2 ** C/B/A+ Albany TBD
10/15-16 C/B/A+ Oakland TBD
10/22-23 C/B/A+ Vallejo TBD
10/29-30 C/B/A+ San Ramon TBD
11/12-13 C/B/A+ Livermore Whole Team
12/2-4 Junior Olympics Walnut Creek (or Morgan Hill) Qualifying Swimmers

* 9/24-25 in St. Helena is open: ENTER NOW! (Guppies and Minnows, Sunday only.  Sharks both days)

** Meets may open for entry out of chronological order.  The next two to open should be Vallejo and Hercules.  Enter as soon as you are notified!  Don’t put it off just because it’s not next on the calendar.

As meet sheets become available with their event lists, I may continue to direct different groups of swimmers to one or both days of the meet, and most often with the guppies.  This is to benefit all of them.  It controls our population, so that I can better serve all those who are there at any given time, and for the younger and more novice swimmers it will lend some helpful focus to their preparation.  They will do better because they are not being asked to “do it all” all the time.

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