Entry Instructions for ONDA Meet (10/15-16)

This meet won’t accept “No Time”, so if you need to make-up an entry time not provided below, call Bill: 540-8867.  ENTER RIGHT AWAY!


Guppies:  Please come Sunday.

  •  8 + Unders:  Enter all 4 events.  Use these entry times if you don’t have actual ones: 50 Fr (1:05.00), 25 Fl (:40.00), 50 Ba (1:15.00, 25 Br (:40.00)
  • 9-10’s: Enter 50 Fr, 50 Ba, 100Br, (2:30.00)

Minnows: Please consider both days open to you.  If you’re choosing just one, prefer Sunday for the chance to do 200 Fr!

  • 9-10’s: Enter 4 events per day.  Include 100 Ba on Sat.  Include 200 Fr on Sun.  (Enter 4:15.00 if you’ve never done it).
  • 11-12’s: Enter 3 per day.  (not 200 Fly or 200 Br)

Sharks: Please come both days if you can.

  • 9-10’s: Enter 4 per day.  Include all 3 of the 100’s on Sat.
  • 11-12’s: Enter all 4 on Sat.  and 3 or 4 on Sunday (Don’t include 200 FL)   HALEY!  Enter 4 events each day, include 200 Br.
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