Entry Instructions for Livermore meet (Nov. 12-13)

Guppies:   Choose a day to come-but not both. If Saturday, enter all for 8 & u events (9 yr olds, DON’T enter 200 IM).  If Sunday, enter the free, back + breast events.  Also enter 50 fl: Jiselle, Asher, Baran, Cassidy. (9 yr olds, DON’T enter 100 fly.)

Use entry times you’ve swum this Fall, or times I have provided you with before for that event.  That should cover everything!  If not, give me a call.

Minnows:     Come one or both days. The 100 Fly on Sunday is only recommended for Shelby and Oakley (1:50.00) and Adam (1:50.00).  All other events are within everyones’s range.  New Minnows, and any others who haven’t done it before, enter 4:15.00 for the 200 IM.

Sharks:      Come both days if you can.  Enter 4 per day.

This meet opens for entry this Saturday, October 8th.  ENTER RIGHT AWAY!

Questions? Call Bill : 540-8867.

: http://ome.swimconnection.com/pc/LAC20161112

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