2017 Spring/Summer Meet Schedule



4/22-23 C/B/A+  (LC) San Ramon

Minnow + Sharks


5/6 (Sat) Dual vs. NBA (SC) Tiburon Whole team
5/20-21 C/B/A+ (LC) Moraga Minnows + Sharks
6/4 (Sun) * MONTCLAIR


Moraga Whole team…100%


6/10-11 C/B/A+ (LC) Moraga Minnows + Sharks
6/16 (Fri) Dual vs. AAA (SC) Albany Whole team
6/24-25 B/A+ (LC) Moraga Qualifying Swimmers
6/30-7/2 Fri/Sat/Sun Firecracker Meet (LC) San Luis Obispo Travel meet for all minnows+sharks

(parents can race too!)


7/7-9 Junior Olympics (LC) Moraga Qualifying Swimmers
7/21-23** RESL (SC) Petaluma Whole Team


7/26-30 Far Westerns (LC) Concord Qualifying Swimmers

(LC) = Long Course  (50m)     (SC) = Short course  (25 yd)

*This is the swim meet that MST hosts.  All parents are expected to participate in several roles this weekend.  You will need to work multiple shifts or in lead roles on Sunday.  There will also be set up on Saturday afternoon.

**RESL is a no-host meet.  All teams are given assigned jobs (in addition to officiating and timing).  Parents will need to help with the team job + timing (or officiating). You may need to time multiple shifts/day because it’s trials/finals.



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