Coach Bill Aden has been teaching the team for over 25 years. Working full-time and possessing an uncanny ability to teach and inspire, Coach Bill is the enduring face of the Montclair Swim Team. He is well-respected by fellow coaches and beloved by current and former MONT swimmers.

Bill has been difficult to pin down to get content for this section so I asked a former swimmer (Camille F.) to talk a bit about Bill as the coach and some of his more “interesting” techniques to help her swim.

“I don’t even know where to begin when speaking about Bill. He’s the most amazing person I have ever met and has inspired me. He’s the one person I can go to and talk to about anything and I know he’s confident in my swimming abilities. Bill has taught me to swim in so many crazy ways! “

  • He would bring in noodles to represent logs for butterfly and would tell us to go under the log, pull, and swing
  • He would tell us to make a party hat for breast stroke
  • In diving he would tell us to be like eggs and roll off the deck, he even brought in boiled eggs and rolled them off the deck, he would then put strings across the lane lines for us to dive over
  • For backstroke he would tell us to be like canoes in that they have a round bottom, and rotate shoulder after shoulder out of the water
  • For backstroke he would also put cups of water on our heads
  • For freestyle we would make shark fins with our arms

Photo Credits: Scott Jones

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