The Montclair Swim Team’s yearly schedule is divided into three sessions: Spring/Summer, Fall and Winter.  Spring/Summer lasts from April to July, Fall from September to November, and Winter from January to March.  Swimmers get a one month break in both August and December.

Spring/Summer 2018 Meet Schedule

4/14-15 C/B/BB+(lc) Moraga all Sharks and Minnows
4/28-29 C/B/BB+(lc) San Ramon all Sharks and Minnows
5/5(Sat) Dual vs NBA(sc) Tiburon whole team
5/19-20 C/B/BB+(lc) Moraga all Sharks and Minnows
6/2(Sat) MONT Pentathlon(sc) Lafayette whole team! (We host this)
6/9-10 C/B/BB+(lc) TBD all Sharks and Minnows
6/16 or 17 Guppy time trial(sc) Moraga Guppies
6/23-24 B/A+(lc) Concord qualifying Sharks/Minnows
6/29-7//1 Firecracker Meet(lc) SLO Sharks/Minnows travel meet
7/6-8 Junior Olympics(lc) Concord qualifying swimmers
7/20-22 RESL Champ’s(sc) Novato whole team
7/26-29 Far Westerns(lc) Moraga qualifying swimmers

Winter 2018 Meet Schedule

Date           Meet                                                Location               For. . .

1/27-28       Zone 2 Champ’s                              Moraga                 qualifying swimmers

2/10-11       Aquacowboys C/B/BB+                   Livermore           all Minnows and Sharks

2/16-18       Neptune Invitational                      Santa Rosa           qualifying swimmers

2/24-25       EA Penguin Plunge C/B/BB+          Tracy                     all Minnows and Sharks

3/3-4            Aquabears Last Chance JOs           Pleasant Hill       qualifying swimmers

3/16-18        Junior Olympics                               Pleasanton          qualifying swimmers

3/24-25        Hills Hurricane C/B/BB+                  Moraga                all Minnows and Sharks

4/5-8             Far Westerns                                     Santa Clara         qualifying swimmers



Fall 2017 Meet Schedule

9/16-17 C/B/A+ Hercules (EBSD) 8&Us


9/23-24 C/B/A+ St. Helena (Waves) Minnows (1 day)

Sharks (both days)

9/30-10/1 C/B/BB+ Moraga (AIA) Guppies (Sat or Sun)

Minnows (1 day)

Sharks (both days)

10/7 or 8 Time Trials TBD Guppies/Minnows
10/14-15 C/B/BB+ San Ramon (SRVA) Minnows/Sharks
10/28-29 C/B/BB+ El Cerrito (ONDA) Guppies (both days)

Minnows (1 day)

Sharks (1 day)

11/11-12 C/B/BB+ Moraga (OAPB) TBD
11/18-19 Last Chance JO Brentwood (BSW) TBD
12/1-3 JOs TBD TBD


Spring/Summer 2017 Schedule

4/22-23 C/B/A+  (LC) San Ramon Minnow + Sharks


5/6 (SAT) Dual vs. NBA (SC) Tiburon Whole team
5/20-21 C/B/A+ (LC) Moraga Minnows + Sharks
6/4 (SUN) * MONT. PENTATHALON Moraga Whole team…100%


6/10-11 C/B/A+ (LC) Moraga Minnows + Sharks
6/16 (FRI) Dual vs. AAA (SC) Albany Whole team
6/24-25 B/A+ (LC) Moraga Qualifying Swimmers
6/30-7/2 FRI/SAT/SUN Firecracker Meet (LC) San Luis Obispo Travel meet for all minnows+sharks

(parents can race too!)


7/7-9 Junior Olympics (LC) Moraga Qualifying Swimmers
7/21-23** RESL (SC) Petaluma Whole Team


7/26-30 Far Westerns (LC) Concord Qualifying Swimmers


Winter 2017 Schedule

Date Meet Location For…
1/28-1/29 Zone 2 Championships Moraga Qualifying Swimmers (B)


2/3 Albany Mini Meet Albany HS All Minnows and Sharks
2/11-2/12 Neptune Invitational Santa Rosa Qualifying Swimmers (BB-in individual age group)
2/25-2/26 C/B/A+ Tracy All Minnows & Sharks
3/10-3/12 Junior Olympics Concord Qualifying Swimmers (new standards, by single year)
3/18-3/19 C/B/A+ Moraga All Minnows & Sharks
3/30-4/2 Far Westerns Pleasanton Qualifying Swimmers

Fall 2016 Schedule

Date Meet Location Links For…
9/17 – 9/18 C/B/A+ Hercules (SC) Enter Here Sat: Minnow & Shark

Sun: Guppies

9/24 – 9/25 C/B/A+ St. Helena (SC) Enter Here Sat: Sharks ONLY

Sun: Whole Team

10/1 – 10/2 C/B/A+ Albany (SC) Enter Here Sat: Guppies & Minnows

Sun:Minnows & Sharks

10/15 – 10/16 C/B/A+ Oakland (SC) Enter Here Sat: Whole Team

Sun:Minnows & Sharks

10/22 – 10/23 C/B/A+ Vallejo (SC) Enter Here Fri: Sharks

Sat: 11&Over

Sun: 10&Under

10/29 – 10/30 C/B/A+ San Ramon (SC) Enter Here TBD
11/12 – 11/13 C/B/A+ Livermore (SC) Enter Here Whole Team
12/2 – 12/4 JO Walnut Creek (SC)

Morgan Hill (SC)

Enter Here All Qualified (AA)

“SC” = Short Course (i.e. 25 yard pool)

“LC” = Long Course (i.e. 50 meter pool)

Pac Swimming Links

Past Schedule
Past Results

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