The Montclair Swim Team’s yearly schedule is divided into three sessions: Spring/Summer, Fall and Winter.  Spring/Summer lasts from April to July, Fall from September to November, and Winter from January to March.  Swimmers get a one month break in both August and December.

Due to COVID-19, most Spring/Summer 2021 meets have been canceled. We’re crossing our fingers that we will be able to safely participate in meets, possibly just small dual team meets, in Fall 2021.

Spring 2020 Meet Schedule (original)

4/14-15C/B/BB+(lc)Moragaall Sharks and Minnows
4/28-29C/B/BB+(lc)San Ramonall Sharks and Minnows
5/5(Sat)Dual vs NBA(sc)Tiburonwhole team
5/19-20C/B/BB+(lc)Moragaall Sharks and Minnows
6/2(Sat)MONT Pentathlon(sc)Lafayettewhole team! (We host this)
6/9-10C/B/BB+(lc)TBDall Sharks and Minnows
6/16 or 17Guppy time trial(sc)MoragaGuppies
6/23-24B/A+(lc)Concordqualifying Sharks/Minnows
6/29-7//1Firecracker Meet(lc)SLOSharks/Minnows travel meet
7/6-8Junior Olympics(lc)Concordqualifying swimmers
7/20-22RESL Champ’s(sc)Novatowhole team
7/26-29Far Westerns(lc)Moragaqualifying swimmers

Winter 2018 Meet Schedule

Date           Meet                                                Location               For. . .

1/27-28       Zone 2 Champ’s                              Moraga                 qualifying swimmers

2/10-11       Aquacowboys C/B/BB+                   Livermore           all Minnows and Sharks

2/16-18       Neptune Invitational                      Santa Rosa           qualifying swimmers

2/24-25       EA Penguin Plunge C/B/BB+          Tracy                     all Minnows and Sharks

3/3-4            Aquabears Last Chance JOs           Pleasant Hill       qualifying swimmers

3/16-18        Junior Olympics                               Pleasanton          qualifying swimmers

3/24-25        Hills Hurricane C/B/BB+                  Moraga                all Minnows and Sharks

4/5-8             Far Westerns                                     Santa Clara         qualifying swimmers

Fall 2017 Meet Schedule

9/16-17C/B/A+Hercules (EBSD)8&Us


9/23-24C/B/A+St. Helena (Waves)Minnows (1 day)

Sharks (both days)

9/30-10/1C/B/BB+Moraga (AIA)Guppies (Sat or Sun)

Minnows (1 day)

Sharks (both days)

10/7 or 8Time TrialsTBDGuppies/Minnows
10/14-15C/B/BB+San Ramon (SRVA)Minnows/Sharks
10/28-29C/B/BB+El Cerrito (ONDA)Guppies (both days)

Minnows (1 day)

Sharks (1 day)

11/11-12C/B/BB+Moraga (OAPB)TBD
11/18-19Last Chance JOBrentwood (BSW)TBD
Photo Credit: Scott Jones

“SC” = Short Course (i.e. 25 yard pool)

“LC” = Long Course (i.e. 50 meter pool)

Pac Swimming Links

Past Schedule
Past Results

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