Fall 2019 Results

Napa Waves C/B/A+ – St. Helena (Sept. 21-22) Full Results MONT

Livermore Aquacowboys C/B/BB+ – Livermore  (Sept 28-29)  Full Results   MONT

Oakland Undercurrent C/B/BB+ – Oakland (Oct 5-6) Full Results  MONT

Pirate Pentathlon – Woodland (Oct. 26-27)

Napa Valley Swim Team C/B/A+ – Napa (Nov. 2-3) Full Results MONT

Spring / Summer 2019 Results

Pleasanton Seahawks Long Course – Pleasanton (Apr 27-28) Full Results MONT

May the 4th Be With You – Tiburon (May 4) Full Results   MONT

Piedmont Swim Team C/B/BB+ – Moraga (May 18-19) Full Results  MONT

MONT Pentathlon (SC) – Lafayette (June 2)  Full Results   MONT

ONDA C/B/BB+ – Laney College (June 8-9)  Full Results  MONT

Terrapin Swim Team C/B/BB+ (LCM) – Concord (June 9) Full Results MONT

OAPB Last Chance Meet B/BB+ – Moraga (June 22-23) Full Results  MONT

Firecracker Meet (LC) – SLO (June 28-June 30)  Full Results    MONT

RESL Championships (SC) – Novato (July 19-21)    Full Results  MONT   MONT by Event

Winter 2019 Results

Zone 2 Championships – Moraga (Jan 26-27)    Full Results  MONT

Hills Hurricane C/B/BB+ – Moraga (Feb 9-10)  Full Results  MONT

Neptune Invitational – Santa Rosa (Feb 16-17)   Full Results  MONT

Tiger Aquatics C/B/BB+ – Stockton (Feb 23-24) Full Results  MONT

Last Chance JO Meet – San Ramon (Mar 2-3) Full Results  MONT

Junior Olympics – Walnut Creek (Mar 15-17) Full Results  MONT

Orinda Aquatics C/B/BB+ – Moraga (Mar 23-24) Full Results MONT

Fall 2018 Results

East Bay Silver Dolphins – Hercules (Sept 22-23)  Full Results  MONT

Oakland Undercurrent C/B/BB+ (SC) – Oakland (10/6-7) Full Results  MONT

VJO Tuffy Williams Classic C/B/A+ (SC) – Vellejo (10/19) Full Results  MONT

Albany Armada Aquatics C/B/BB+ (SC) – Albany (10/20-21) Full Results  MONT

Pirate Pentathlon – Woodland (10/27-28)

Crow Canyon Sharks C/B/BB+ (SC) – San Ramon (11/3-4) Full Results  MONT

Junior Olympics (SC) – Moraga (Nov 30-Dec 2) Full Results  MONT

Spring/Summer 2018 Results

OAPB C/B/BB+ (LC) – Moraga (April 14-15)   Full Results    MONT

SRVA C/B/BB+ (LC) – San Ramon (April 28-29)  Full Results   MONT

Dual Meet vs. NBA (SC) – Tiburon (May 5)

PST C/B/BB+ (LC) – Moraga (May 19-20)   Full Results    MONT

MONT Pentathlon (SC) – Lafayette (June 2)  Full Results  MONT

Walnut Creek Aquabears C/B/BB+ (LC) – Pleasant Hill (June 9-10)  Full Results    MONT

Guppy Time Trial (SC) – Moraga (June 16 or 17)

Terrapins Last Chance JO (LC) – Brentwood (June 23-24)  Full Results   MONT

Firecracker Meet (LC) – SLO (June 29-July 1)  Full Results    MONT

Junior Olympics (LC) – Concord (July 6-8)    Full Results   MONT

RESL Championships (SC) – Novato (July 20-22)    Full Results    MONT

Far Westerns (LC) – Moraga (July 26-29)

Winter 2018 Results

Zone 2 Championships – Moraga (Jan 27-28)    Full Results    MONT

Livermore Aquacowboys C/B/BB+ – Livermore  (Feb 10-11)  Full Results   MONT

Neptune Invitational – Santa Rosa (Feb 16-18)   Full Results      MONT

Penguin Plunge C/B/BB+ – Tracy (Feb 24-25)    Full Results    MONT

Aquabears Last Chance JOs – Pleasant Hill (Mar 3-4)  Full Results    MONT

Junior Olympics – Pleasanton (Mar 16-18)   Full Results    MONT

Hills Hurricane C/B/BB+ – Moraga (Mar 24-25)  Full Results    MONT

Far Westerns – Santa Clara (Apr 5-8)  Full Results    MONT

 Fall 2017 Results

EBSD C/B/A+ – Hercules (Sept 16-17)    Full Results    MONT

Napa Waves C/B/A+ – St. Helena (Sept. 23-24)   Full Results  MONT

AIA C/B/BB+ – Lafayette (Sept 30-Oct 1)   Full Results    MONT

SRVA C/B/BB+ – San Ramon (Oct 14-15) – Meet Cancelled

ONDA C/B/BB+ – Laney College (Oct 28-29)  Full Results    MONT

OAPB C/B/BB+ – Moraga (Nov 11-12)   Full Results    MONT

BSW Last Chance JO – Brentwood (Nov 18-19)  Full Results   MONT

Junior Olympics – Moraga (Dec 1-3)   Full Results    MONT

Spring/Summer 2017 Results

San Ramon C/B/A+ – San Ramon (April 22-23)  Full Results   MONT

Tiburon Tri-Meet – Tiburon (May 6th)

Piedmont Swim Team C/B/A+ – Moraga (May 20-21)  Full Results   MONT

Montclair Pentathlon – Moraga (June 4th)   Full Results   MONT

OAPB C/B/A+ – Moraga (June 10-11)  Full Results  MONT

Albany Dual Meet – Albany (June 23rd)   Full Results

Brentwood Last Chance – Brentwood (June 24-25)   Full Results    MONT

SLO Firecracker – San Luis Obispo (June 30-July 2)  Full Results  MONT

Junior Olympics – Moraga (July 7-9)  Full Results   MONT

RESL – Petaluma (July 21-23)  Full Results   MONT

Far Westerns – Concord (July 26-30)  Full Results   MONT

Winter 2017 Results

Zone 2 Championships – Moraga (Jan 28-29)  Full Results  mont

Albany Mini Meet – Albany (Feb 3)

Neptune Invitational – Santa Rosa (Feb 10-12)  Full Results   mont

Napa Valley C/B/A+ – Napa (Feb 25-26)  Full Results    mont

Junior Olympics – Concord (Mar 10-12)  Full Results    MONT

Hills Hurricane C/B/BB+ (Mar 18-19)  Full Results  MONT

Far Westerns – Pleasanton (Mar 30-Apr 2)   Full Results    MONT

Fall 2016 Results

East Bay Silver Dolphins – Hercules (Sept 17-18)   Full Results   mont

Napa Valley Endless Summer Classic – St. Helena (Sept 24-25)  Full Results  mont

Albany Armada Aquatics C/B/BB+ (Oct 1-2)  Full Results   mont

Oakland Undercurrent C/B/BB+ – Mills College (Oct 15-16)  Full Results   mont

VJO Tuffy Williams Classic – Vallejo (Oct 21-23)  Full Results  mont

SRVLA C/B/BB+ – San Ramon (Oct 29-30)  Full Results  mont

Livermore Aquacowboys C/B/BB+ (Nov 12-13) Full Results   mont

Junior Olympics (Dec 2-4)  Full Results  mont

Spring/Summer 2016 Results

10&Under Championships (April 23) Full Results  MONT


Terrapins – Concord (April 24)  Full Results  MONT

Tiburon Dual Meet (May 7)   Full Results  MONT

Montclair Relay Meet (May 15)  Full Results

Woodland Travel Meet C/B/A+ (May 21-22)  Full Results   MONT

MST Practice Meet (June 4)

OAPB C/B/A+ (Jun 11 – 12)   Full Results   MONT

Tri-Meet @San Rafael (Jun 18) Full Results   MONT

SLO Firecracker (July 1-3)  Full Results   MONT

LC Junior Olympics (July 7 – 10)  Full Results   MONT


RESL Championships (July 22-24)  Full Results   MONT

LC Far Westerns (July 27- 31)  Full Results  MONT

Western Zone (Aug 9 – 13)  Full Results

Winter 2016 Results

ONDA @ Mills College (Jan 16-17)   Full ResultsMONT

Zone 2 Championship (Jan 30-31) Full ResultsMONT


Neptune Invite @ Santa Rosa (Feb 12-15)   Full ResultsMONT


Tiger Aquatic @ Stockton (Feb 20-21)   Full ResultsMONT


Last Chance JO @ Stockton (Feb 26-28)  Full ResultsMONT

SC Junior Olympics @ San Ramon (Mar 11-13)   Full ResultsMONT

The Hills @ Moraga (Mar 19-20)  Full ResultsMONT

SC Far Western @ Pleasanton (Mar 31-Apr 4)   Full ResultsMONT

Fall 2015 Results

EBA C/B/A+ (Sept 20)   Full Results   MONT

ONDA Meet (Oct 3-4)   Full Results   MONT

Livermore C/B/A+ (Oct 17-18) Full Results   MONT

Orinda Aquatics C/B/A+ (Oct 31-Nov 1) Full Results   MONT

AAA C/B/A+ (Nov 14-15)  Full Results   MONT

WC Last Chance B/A+ (Nov 20-22)  Full Results  MONT

Winter Championships (Dec 4-6)  Full Results  MONT

Spring/Summer 2015 Results

10&Under Championships (April 25) Full Results MONT


SRVLA Penguin Plunge (April 26)  Full Results  MONT

Tiburon Dual Meet (May 2)   MONT

Montclair Relay Meet (May 17)  Full Results


OAPB C/B/A+ (May 30-31)  Full Results  MONT

Tri-Meet (June 20)  MONT

ONDA Last Chance JO (June 26-28)  Full Results  MONT

SLO Firecracker (July 3-5)  Full Results  MONT

LC Junior Olympics (July 10-12)  Full Results  MONT


RESL Championships (July 24-26)  Full Results  MONT

LC Far Westerns (July 29-Aug 2)  Full Results   MONT


Winter 2015 Results

Zone 2 Championship (Jan 24-25)   Full Results   MONT

Vallejo Typhoon Meet (Feb 6-8)  Full Results   MONT


Hills Meet @ Campo (Feb 21-22)   Full Results   MONT


Last Chance @ Oakdale (Mar 6-8)   Full Results   MONT


SC Junior Olympics (Mar 20-22)  Full Results   MONT

EBA C/B/A+ @Mills (Mar 28-29)   Full Results   MONT

SC Far Western (Apr 9-12)   Full Results   MONT

Fall 2014 Results

Hercules Meet (Sep 20-21)   Full Results   MONT

Orinda Meet (Oct 4-5)  Full Results   MONT

AIA Meet (Oct 18-19)   Full Results   MONT

WCAB Meet (Nov 1-2)  Full Results   MONT


Last Chance Meet (Nov 22-23)   Full Results   MONT


Winter Championships (Dec 5-7)  Full Results   MONT

Spring/Summer 2014 Results

AAA LC Kickoff (Apr 26-27)   Full Results   MONT


10&U Champs (Apr 26)   Full Results   MONT


Montclair Pentathlon (May 10)   Full Results   MONT


Woodlands Travel Meet (May 24-25)  MONT

San Pablo Meet (Jun 14-15)   Full Results   MONT

Sunnyvale Meet (Jun 28-29)   Full Results   MONT

Firecracker SLO (Jul 4-6)   Full Results   MONT

Junior Olympics (Jul 11-13)   MONT

RESL (Jul 19-20)  Full Results   MONT


Far Westerns (Jul 30-Aug 3)  Full Results  MONT

Winter 2014 Results

Zone 2 Championship (Jan 25-26)    Full Results   MONTOA CBA+ Meet (Feb 8-9)   Full Results   MONT WCAB BA+ Meet (Mar 1-2)   Full Results   MONT


AIA March Madness (Mar 22-23)   Full Results   MONT


Far Westerns (Apr 3-6)   Full Results   MONT

Fall 2013 Meet Results

San Ramon C/B/A+ (Sep 21-22)   Full Results   MONT

Orinda C/B/A+ (Oct 5-6)   Full ResultsMONTPleasanton C/B/A+ (Oct 19-20)   Full Results   MONT

Armada Quad Meet (Oct 27)   Full Results   MONT
Hills C/B/A+ Meet (Nov 2-3)    Full Results   MONT

Last Chance Meet (Nov 22-24)   Full Results

Junior Olympics (Dec 6-8)   Full Results   MONT

Spring / Summer 2013 Meet Results
Terrapins C/B/A+ Long Course (Apr 20-21)   Full Results   MONT
10&Under Championships (Apr 28)   Full Results   MONT
Tiburon Dual Meet (May 4)   Full Results    MONT
Salinas Travel Meet (May 24-26)   Full Results   MONT
MSJA Fremont Meet (June 1-2)    Full Results   MONT
San Pablo LC Meet (June 8-9)   Full Results   MONT
Quad Meet @ The Hills (June 15)   Full Results
JO Last Chance (June 22-23)   Full Results   MONT
Guppy Games (July 3)   MONT
SLO Firecracker Meet (July 5-7)   Full Results  MONT
Junior Olympics (July 12-14)   Full Results  MONT
RESL Championships (July 19-21)   Full Results   MONT
Far Westerns (July 31-Aug 4)   Full Results   MONT
Winter 2013 Meet Results
Zone 2 Championships (Jan 26-27)  Full Results
Livermore C/B/A+ (Feb 9-10)   Full Results
Orinda “Last Chance” (Mar 2-3)   Full Results
Montclair Pentathlon (Mar 9)  Full Results   MONT
Spring Junior Olympics (Mar 15-17)   Full Results  MONT
Tracy C/B/A+ Meet (Mar 23-24)   Full Results  MONT
Far Westerns (Apr 4-7)   Full Results  MONT
Fall 2012 Meet Results
EBSD C/B/A+  (Sep 22-23)  Full Results
Armada Invitational (Oct 13-14)  Full Results
Orinda Pumpkin Plunge (Oct 20-21)  Full Results
Vallejo Meet (Nov 3-4)  Full Results
Spring/Summer 2012 Meet Results

OA Long Course C/B/A+  (Apr 21-22)  Full Results  MONT

10&under Championship (Apr 28)   Full Results   MONT


Dual meet v. NBA (May 5)   Full Results   MONT

Relay Meet (May 20)   Full Results

ONDA LC Meet (June 9)   Full Results   MONT

San Pablo LC (June 24)   Full Results

Firecracker SLO  (Jul 6-8)  Full Results

Junior Olympics  (Jul 20-22)   Full Results

RESL  (Jul 27-29)   Full Results

Far Westerns  (Aug 1-5)   Full Results

Winter 2012 Meet Results

San Ramon C/B/A+  (Jan 20-12)  Full Results  MONT

Zone 2 Championships (Feb 4-5)  Full Results  MONT


WCAB C/B/A+  (Feb 18-19)   Full Results  MONT

ALGA Last Chance B/A+   (Mar 3-4)   Full Results   MONT

Montclair Pentathlon (Mar 10)   Full Results   MONT

Junior Olympics (Mar 17-18)   Full Results   MONT

EBAT C/B/A+ (Mar 24-25)   Full Results   MONT

Fall 2011 Meet Results

EBSD C/B/A+ (Sep 24-25)   Full Results   MONT

AIA Rocktoberfest (Oct 8-9)   Full Results   MONT

ONDA C/B/A+ (Oct 22-23)   Full Results   MONT

El Cerrito Dual Meet (Nov 12)

WCAB B/A+ (Nov 19-20)   Full Results   MONT

Winter Junior Olympics (Dec 2-4)   MONT   MONT

Spring/Summer 2011 Meet Results

SRVLA C/B/A+ Long Course (May 1)   Full Results   MONT

10 & Under Championships (Apr 30)   Full Results  MONT

Dual Meet w/ NBA (May 7)   Full Results  MONT

Bear LC Meet (May 14-15)   Full Results   MONT

Undercurrent Relay Meet (May 22)   Full Results

Crow LC Meet (Jun 10-11)   Full Results   MONT

Chico Pentathlon  (Jun 18)   Full Results   MONT

Orinda LC Meet (Jun 25-26)   Full Results   MONT

LC Junior Olympics (Jul 7-10)   Full Results   MONT

RESL Championships (Jul 22-24)   Full Results   MONT

Far Western LC Championships (Jul 27-31)   Full Results   MONT

Winter 2011 Meet Results

SRVLA C/B/A+ (Jan 22-23)  Full Results  MONT

Zone 2 Champs (Feb 5-6)  Full Results  MONT

Stockton Meet (Feb 26-27)  Full Results   MONT

Pentathlon (Mar 12)   Full Results   MONT

Junior Olympics (Mar 19-20)   Full Results  MONT

MSJA Meet (Mar 26-27)   Full Results  MONT

Far Western Championship  (Mar 31 – Apr 2)   Full Results   MONT


Fall 2010 Meet Results

EBSD Summer Splash  (Sep 25-26)  Results

Orinda Aquatics meet (Oct 9-10)  Results

AIA meet (Oct 23-24)  Results

Dual Meet with CUDA (Nov. 6)  Results

EBAT B+ meet (Nov 20-21)  Results

Junior Olympics (Dec 3-5)   Results


Spring/Summer 2010 Meet Results

10&under Championships  (Apr 24)  Results

Terrapins Long Course C/B/A+ (May 1-2)   Results

Dual meet with NBA (May 8)  Results

Bear Long Course C/B/A+ (May 15-16)  Results

Undercurrent Relay Meet (May 23)  Results

CUDA B/C Meet (June 12-13)  Results

Bear B/A+ Meet (June 26-27)  Results

Firecracker Invitational (July 2-4)  Results

Junior Olympics (July 15-18)  Results

RESL Championship (July 23-25)  Results

Winter 2010 Meet Results

Cupid’s Classic C/B/A+  (Feb 6-7)  Results

Zone 2 Championships (Feb 20-21) Results

Pac Swim All Star Meet (Mar 7)  Results

Aquabears C/B/A+ (Mar 6-7)  Results

AIA Last Chance (Mar 13-14)  Results

Montclair Pentathlon (Mar 20)  Results

Junior Olympics (Mar 27-28)  Results


Fall 2009 Meet Results

Cuda Fall Classic C/B/A+ (Sep 26-27) MONT

Walnut Creek Aquabears (Oct 10-11) Results

Islanders Pumpkin Splash (Oct 31-Nov 1) Results

Orinda Aquatics Last Chance (Nov 14-15) Results

Pac Swimming JOs (Dec 4-6)  Results


Spring/Summer 2009 Meet Results

Concord Long Course C/B/A+ (Apr 18-19) Results

10&Under Championships (April 25)  Results

Oakland Undercurrents (May 2-3)  Results

Bear Long Course C/B/A+ (June 13-14)  Results

Orinda Long Course C/B/A+ (June 27-28)  Results

SLO Firecracker Invitational (July 3-5)  Results

Laney Dual Meet (July 11)

Long Course JOs (July 16-19)  Results

RESL Championship (July 24-26)  Results

Long Course Far Westerns (July 31) Results

Winter 2009 Meet Results

Zone 2 Championships (Feb 7-8) Results

East Bay Silver Dolphins (Feb 21-22) Results

PC BEAR Age Group Invite – (Feb 28) Results

JO Last Chance (Mar 7-8)  Results

OANDA/PST/MONT Tri-Meet (Mar 14)

JO Championship (Mar 20-22) Results

MST Pentathlon (Mar 28) Results

Far Westerns (Apr 2-5)  Results

Fall 2008 Meet Results

EBSD Summer Splash (9/27-28)  Results

Fall Jamboree (10/11)

Montclair/Piedmont Dual Meet (10/12)

Orinda Aquatics (10/25-26)  Results

ALGA (11/8-9)  Results

Walnut Creek Aquabears (11/22-23)  Results

Pacific Swimming JO Championship  (12/5-7)  Results

Resources to find times

Look up an individual swimmer’s times

MST All-time Top 5 Times per Event

MST Boy Top 5 Times

MST Girl Top 5 Times

MST Long Course Top 5 Times

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