Top 5 Times – Boys SC

Montclair Swim Team: Boys 11-12 Short Course Records
(Updated November 11, 2017 – Year End 2018)

50 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:23.6502/14/16
Jolen Griffin0:24.9009/24/11
Sven Campbell0:25.7203/08/07
Jordy Dennings0:26.5603/22/15
Gabe Matta0:27.2903/02/14
100 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:51.1203/13/16
Jolen Griffin0:54.7808/12/11
Sven Campbell0:57.2210/06/07
Jordy Dennings0:59.0603/22/15
Daniel Mahoney1:00.1407/04/98
200 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen1:52.8703/31/16
Jolen Griffin2:07.8809/24/11
Sven Campbell2:08.3003/29/07
Jake Reingold2:11.8207/04/03
Daniel Mahoney2:14.2107/03/98
500 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen5:20.0502/14/16
Sven Campbell5:56.2803/26/07
Daniel Mahoney5:57.2007/04/98
Jake Reingold5:57.7807/05/03
Jolen Griffin6:07.9810/08/11
50 Back
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:26.9112/05/15
Jolen Griffin0:28.2603/31/11
Sven Campbell0:28.4703/29/07
Winston Fong0:30.6510/05/13
Michael Hull0:30.9611/14/09
100 Back
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:56.1203/31/16
Sven Campbell1:01.4403/16/07
Jolen Griffin1:05.1603/31/11
Winston Fong1:05.8910/20/13
Michael Hull1:07.7210/31/09
50 Breast
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:32.9803/19/16
Jolen Griffin0:34.4908/12/11
Daniel Mahoney0:35.8807/03/98
Winston Fong0:36.2810/20/13
Farris Saffouri0:36.3211/11/17
100 Breast
 Zach Le-Nguyen1:11.2003/19/16
Jolen Griffin1:16.2308/12/11
Winston Fong1:18.0311/02/13
Daniel Mahoney1:18.7007/05/98
Farris Saffouri1:19.1111/11/17
50 Fly
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:25.4903/31/16
Jolen Griffin0:25.9508/12/11
Sven Campbell0:28.3003/29/07
Ian Leipper0:29.1803/16/02
Gabe Matta0:30.1803/02/14
100 Fly
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:56.5803/31/16
Jolen Griffin0:59.4908/12/11
Sven Campbell1:07.1603/29/07
Evan Bowman1:08.4203/18/00
Winston Fong1:09.3509/21/13
100 IM
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:58.3203/13/16
Jolen Griffin1:03.5908/12/11
Winston Fong1:08.5111/02/13
Sven Campbell1:08.7505/12/07
Daniel Mahoney1:10.4502/22/98
200 IM
 Zach Le-Nguyen2:05.9003/13/16
Jolen Griffin2:23.3607/22/11
Daniel Mahoney2:31.1307/05/98
Sven Campbell2:31.4707/27/07
Winston Fong2:31.6609/21/13

Montclair Swim Team: Boys 9-10 Short Course Records
(Updated July 20, 2018 – Year End 2018)

50 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:26.2804/04/14
Sven Campbell0:28.5804/03/05
Daniel Mahoney0:29.3407/14/96
Ian Leipper0:29.5604/08/01
Jordy Dennings0:30.3306/01/13
100 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:56.7404/04/14
Daniel Mahoney1:04.2203/16/96
Sven Campbell1:05.5704/30/05
Ian Leipper1:06.4203/25/01
Kaleo HowellYoung1:08.4103/03/18
200 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen2:07.2506/21/14
Daniel Mahoney2:23.8503/17/96
Jake Reingold2:30.3005/05/01
Ian Leipper2:34.8202/11/01
Winston Fong2:35.8910/22/11
500 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen6:00.9003/02/14
Michael Hull7:01.2210/06/07
Sven Campbell7:04.9111/13/04
Adam Sutro7:04.9510/28/17
Matthew Riordan7:18.0710/16/15
50 Back
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:29.6903/15/14
Sven Campbell0:31.1704/01/05
Matthew Riordan0:34.0112/05/15
Adam Sutro0:34.1502/18/18
Michael Hull0:34.1711/11/07
100 Back
 Zach Le-Nguyen1:03.1103/15/14
Sven Campbell1:08.6204/02/05
Adam Sutro1:12.4702/18/18
Daniel Mahoney1:13.0303/09/96
Winston Fong1:14.5710/22/11
50 Breast
 Adam Sutro0:38.0002/18/18
Zach Le-Nguyen0:38.5902/22/14
Daniel Mahoney0:40.7707/13/96
Winston Fong0:41.6810/22/11
Sam Goldsmith0:41.9209/05/99
100 Breast
 Adam Sutro1:22.4612/02/17
Zach Le-Nguyen1:22.4903/22/14
Kaleo HowellYoung1:26.3307/20/18
Daniel Mahoney1:29.0806/09/96
Sam Goldsmith1:30.7307/05/99
50 Fly
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:27.2306/21/14
Sven Campbell0:30.8004/02/05
Adam Sutro0:32.0902/18/18
Ian Leipper0:32.7103/25/01
Baran Watson0:34.2907/20/18
100 Fly
 Zach Le-Nguyen1:04.5806/21/14
Adam Sutro1:14.1602/18/18
Sven Campbell1:15.8404/20/05
Ian Leipper1:18.9702/24/01
Nathan Pompeani1:20.4107/25/15
100 IM
 Zach Le-Nguyen1:05.1904/04/14
Sven Campbell1:13.7803/12/05
Adam Sutro1:14.5507/22/17
Ian Leipper1:15.2205/05/01
Daniel Mahoney1:16.3606/08/96
200 IM
 Zach Le-Nguyen2:25.1406/21/14
Adam Sutro2:42.8107/22/17
Sven Campbell2:43.3404/30/05
Daniel Mahoney2:49.0203/10/96
Kaleo HowellYoung2:51.5007/20/18

Montclair Swim Team: Boys 8&U Short Course Records
(Updated July 22, 2017 – Year End 2018)

25 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:14.7002/05/12
Ian Leipper0:15.2507/03/99
Asher Takazawa0:15.3907/22/17
Gabe Matta0:15.9203/07/10
Sven Campbell0:15.9409/28/03
50 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:31.9602/04/12
Ian Leipper0:33.2509/05/99
Asher Takazawa0:34.0807/22/17
Sven Campbell0:35.0808/10/03
Gabe Matta0:35.2303/07/10
100 Free
 Zach Le-Nguyen1:11.5504/28/12
Ian Leipper1:17.1009/05/99
Jordan Remer1:19.2112/12/98
Gabe Matta1:21.8303/13/10
Jack Mitchell1:23.6305/08/04
25 Back
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:17.6103/25/12
Ian Leipper0:18.1707/04/99
Sven Campbell0:18.4108/10/03
Asher Takazawa0:18.6007/22/17
Adam Sutro0:18.9910/17/15
50 Back
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:35.9304/28/12
Ian Leipper0:38.6409/05/99
Lucas Stratton0:39.0303/17/99
Emmit Fenn0:40.1708/30/97
Jordan Remer0:43.2607/05/99
25 Breast
 Gabe Matta0:20.9203/07/10
Lucas Stratton0:21.1012/07/97
Adam Sutro0:21.2210/17/15
Jordan Remer0:21.6303/07/99
Noah Killeen0:22.9807/20/14
50 Breast
 Adam Sutro0:44.8210/17/15
Lucas Stratton0:46.8612/07/97
Jordan Remer0:47.7712/12/98
Gabe Matta0:48.4403/13/10
Ian Leipper0:48.6608/08/99
25 Fly
 Zach Le-Nguyen0:15.8104/28/12
Ian Leipper0:16.7409/05/99
Lucas Stratton0:16.9012/07/97
Asher Takazawa0:17.5107/22/17
Jordan Remer0:18.3012/12/98
50 Fly
 Ian Leipper0:36.9812/07/97
Zach Le-Nguyen0:37.5304/28/12
Jordan Remer0:40.3112/12/98
Gabe Matta0:41.4203/13/10
Lucas Stratton0:41.5608/08/99
100 IM
 Ian Leipper1:26.2309/05/99
Zach Le-Nguyen1:26.3205/05/12
Asher Takazawa1:27.6407/22/17
Jordan Remer1:29.4602/21/99
Adam Sutro1:29.9811/20/15

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