Founded in 1960, the Montclair Swim Team is a competitive team for 12 & under swimmers based in Oakland, CA.  The team is comprised of three division: Guppies, Minnows, and Sharks.  MST is a USA Swimming sanctioned program.

Over 1000 swimmers have been on the team, learning everything from stroke basics to sportsmanship to competitiveness.  Teammates cheer each other on while striving to be the best swimmers possible.The team participates in approximately 20 official and dual meets per year, hosts a meet in the early spring (the Pentathlon or Relays), has a yearly swim-a-thon (the Friday after Thanksgiving) to raise money for Oakland’s Learn to Swim program, and has an annual banquet (January or February) to celebrate its year.The Montclair Swim Team has a history of swimming excellence, demonstrated by its swimmers’ improvements and records. Many have moved on to swim at D1 colleges and at Olympic Trials.


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