Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Montclair Swim Team is supported by parent volunteers. The good news is that most jobs require no prior experience, you get to spend time with great people, and you are helping support your child’s love of swimming!

Everyone helps out with:

Timing at meets- Typically, timing shifts are 90 minutes

All jobs below are in addition to timing at meets, helping at the annual Awards Banquet and volunteering at our team-hosted swim meet in March – jobs that are expected of all swim team families.

Board of Directors (2 year commitment)

President, Treasurer, Secretary, Coach

Attends 1 to 2 meetings a month, manages book keeping, insurance, payroll, taxes, applications, policy making, registers new members (both USA Swimming and MST).  Also maintains and updates the roster and the Yahoo group and sends out informational emails to team families.

Tax Return Preparation (under the guidance of the team Treasurer)

An accountant parent who can volunteer their professional services to complete and file the team tax return

Annual MST Host Meet (Pentathlon or Relay)

Each swim team parent is required to fill a job during our annual MST hosted one-day swim meet; a separate volunteer list will be email to all families as the meet date gets closer.

Co-Meet Director (2 person / 2 year commitment) 

One director has experience from the year before, the other director learns from the more experienced.  The next year the “learning” director becomes the experienced.  Organizes the meet, secures/rents the facilities, creates and distributes meet sheet, regulates entries through Swimconnection and organizes parent volunteers.

Technology Person 

Manages MST website, including updating website with upcoming meets, meet results, records and info from the Board.  Must use a PC, as meet software is not compatible with Apple.

Awards Banquet (3 people)

Organizes volunteers and runs the annual Awards Banquet that takes place in late January.

Fundraising Coordinator (2 people)

Brainstorm and organize 2 to 3 events, (target $100/swimmer).

Photographer (1 for each group)

Takes photos of swimmers for the official swim portraits used during the Awards Banquet.

Awards Banquet Slide Show Presenter

Collect electronic photographic images of swimmers at meets etc. from team families and produce a slide show with music for our annual Awards Banquet.

Annual Team Photo Coordinator

Helps Bill pick a date for the annual team photo and makes sure all families can attend.  Also responsible for distribution of team photos to families who ordered them.

Official Coordinator

Ensure team officiating commitment is met for each meet. Enlist (Guppies’ and Minnows’ parents) to ensure that the team has adequate number of carded officials.

Timing Coordinator

Has a timing sign-up chart prepared for each day of each meet, makes sure all assigned MST timing chairs are filled.  Using an occasional sub for meets you can’t make is fine.

Zone 2 Rep(s) 

A few parents to take turns attending monthly Pac Swim meetings (10 in all, 3rd Monday of the month) in San Leandro.   Main purpose is to be present for attendance taking so team qualifies for certain privileges.

September Social 

Coordinates and purchases ice cream, etc for the first family gathering in the Fall.

Spring Pot Luck (2 people) 

Organize Spring Potluck and BBQ (in May).

T-shirt/Team Logo Wear

Places and distributes annual t-shirt/sweatshirt orders.

Fun” Organizers for each of the three groups

Guppies, Minnows and Sharks.  Puts together some sort of social outing for the kids (and possibly parents) at least once during the year.

Parka & Backpack Orders

Solicit orders from members, creates sign-up sheet, places orders and distributes parkas, collect payments.

Team Canopy Transportation

Family to take the canopy to and from meets, must arrive early and leave meets late (most likely a Shark family).  Finding the occasional sub for the meets you can’t make is fine.

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