Time Standards Explained

What do Time Standards Mean

  • The letters C/B/A+ refer to the first three divisions of swimming.  C division is the beginning, B division is next up and A division is at the top.
  • After your first swim meet, you can see what category your swimmer’s times fall into.  Each group of swimmers are ranked according to their time and given awards by their division.  A new swimmer in the C division will be ranked by time against other C division swimmers.
  • These divisions create incentives for each swimmer to shoot for the next division standard.
  • Beyond C/B/A+ times are the “Q times”, “PRT times”, and “Junior +”.  These time standards are a bit more challenging.  PRT stands for Pacific Reportable Time and signifies that the time achieved is considered among the top of the Pacific Region and is submitted to Pacific Swimming for a ranking.
  • Note: Effective September 1, 2015, Pacific Swimming will begin using USA Swimming’s Motivational time standards for our age group program.  Time standards for Pacific’s Junior Olympics are the USA Swimming AA time standards and Far Westerns are the USA Swimming AAA time standards.
  • Pacific Swimming Time Standards

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