How to sign up and what to expect at a meet

You’ll be an expert at signing up for meets in no time!

  1. Meets fill up quickly, so set a reminder to sign up ASAP when it opens. Unless otherwise noted, you’ll find the list of meets and a link to sign up on the Pac Swims site under “Meets”. You will also find the Meet Sheet there, which gives you more details about the meet itself.
  2. Typically, the sign up link will take you two You will need to sign up your swimmer, but it is a one time thing. After the first time, entries are faster. Scroll to find your meet. On the far right, under Action, click on the three bars and choose Enter.
  3. On the entry page, you’ll see a list of events (refer to Bill’s email to know which to select). NT will be listed for the time (NT= No Time). If your swimmer has a time, when you click on NT, it will pre-fill the time. Some meets allow NT and others don’t. Bill will give you a placeholder time to enter there if the meet requires it. Select your events, enter the times, submit. They’ll ask for payment in the next step, and then you’re all set!

Here’s what to expect at a meet


  • Coach Bill will send an email a day or two prior to the meet with arrival instructions
  • Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to warmups
  • Check in for your events at the central check-in table.
  • Find Coach Bill for warmups (he is usually under a Montclair Swim Team canopy)
  • Once the meet starts, watch the boards for event posting
  • When your event is posted, note heat and lane and report them to Coach Bill
  • Check in with Coach Bill before AND after your event for instructions and feedback
  • If you’re swimming a 25 Yard event, those usually start at the opposite end of the pool from where the blocks are
  • Guppies usually dive from the deck in their first meets and then, later, from the blocks. Talk to Coach Bill before the meet to know which you should do
  • Sometimes meets include relays. Coach Bill will assign swimmers to relays on the day of the meet. If the relay is a 100 yard, be certain you know which end of the pool to start from.
  • Avoid bringing or buying junk food at meets; a healthy swimmer is a fast swimmer!


  • Help your swimmer “pack smartly” for the meet (see pack list)
  • Try to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to warmups, Coach Bill will tell each group what time to get there
  • Find the Montclair tent and put your gear under the tent
  • Help your swimmer check in and find the coach for warmups
  • Swimmers only need to check in for the events they intend to swim
  • Sign up for timing a timing shift. Watch for an email in the week before the meet to sign up. It is easy, makes the time pass quickly and you can be trained in just a few minutes.
  • Once the meet starts, watch for event posting
  • When your swimmer’s event is posted, help them find their heat and lane
  • Help your swimmer keep track of events and help them get to the blocks on time

What to Bring:

  • The key is to keep swimmers as warm and dry as possible
  • The general rule of thumb is you need one towel for each time the swimmer gets in the pool (including warmup)
  • Bring your own food  —  snack bar food is expensive and not very healthy.
  • Typical Pack List:
    • Chairs (collapsible camping chairs)
    • A warm jacket/parka and shoes/boots (easy on and off with bare feet and WARM)
    • Bring deck shoes/flip flops to wear to heat
    • Don’t forget: cap/goggles/change of clothes and additional warm layers
    • Towels

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