What to expect at a meet


  • Check with Coach Bill before the day of the meet to find out what time to get there
  • Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to warmups
  • Check in for your events at the central check-in table
  • Find Coach Bill for warmups
  • Once the meet starts, watch the boards for event posting
  • When your event is posted, note heat and lane and report them to Coach Bill
  • Check in with Coach Bill before AND after your event for instructions and feed-backs
  • The 25 Yard event will start at the opposite end of the pool
  • Avoid bringing or buying junk food at meets; a healthy swimmer is a fast swimmer


  • Help your swimmer “pack smartly” for the meet (see pack list)
  • Try to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to warmups, Coach Bill will tell each group what time to get there
  • Find the Montclair tent and put your gear under the tent
  • Help your swimmer check in and find the coach for warmups
  • Swimmers only need to check in for the events they intend to swim
  • Sign up for timing.  There is a sign-up sheet for timing at the canopy
  • Once the meet starts, watch for event posting
  • When your swimmer’s event is posted, help them find their heat and lane
  • Help your swimmer keep track of events and help them get to the blocks on time

Pack List:

  • The key is to keep swimmers as warm and dry as possible
  • The general rule of thumb is you need one towel for each time the swimmer gets in the pool (including warmup)
  • Bring your own food  —  snack bar food is expensive and not very healthy.
  • Typical Pack List:
    • Chairs (collapsible camping chairs)
    • A warm jacket/parka and shoes/boots (easy on and off with bare feet and WARM)
    • Bring deck shoes/flip flops to wear to heat
    • Don’t forget: cap/goggles/change of clothes and additional warm layers
    • Carry a duffle with towels and an easily carried soft sided cooler

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